Businesses and activities allowed to reopen with strict control from 3 May 2020

Businesses and activities are allowed to reopen from 3 May, 2020, under the directives of the one-month extended Emergency Decree.

According to the directives published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on 1 May, 2020, the Bangkok Governor and Provincial Governors may consider easing measures for the reopening of businesses and activities under two categories – economics and daily life, and health and wellness activities.


For economic and daily life activities, businesses and activities that are allowed to reopen are sales of food and drinks in hotels, airports, train stations, bus stations, hospitals, restaurants and beverage shops, convenience stores, and street stalls. Pubs and bars can be reopened for takeaway only or under strict disease control. Sales of alcoholic drinks can resume for takeaway only.

Shopping malls, department stores, community malls can still only open supermarkets, pharmacies, necessity items for daily life, banks, government and state enterprise services. Restaurants and food courts can reopen for takeaway only. Phone shops can reopen.

Retail shops, wholesalers, markets, floating markets and flea markets can reopen with strict disease control. Hairdressers and barbers can reopen for limited services and by appointment only.

For health and wellness activities, hospitals, clinics, dental clinics and all healthcare facilities that are legally established can reopen. Golf courses and driving ranges as well as outdoor sports facilities – specifically for tennis courts, horse riding tracks, shooting ranges and archery ranges – can reopen without gatherings or competitions. Likewise for public parks for outdoor activities including running, walking, biking or individual workouts, but no gatherings, competitions or shows. Pet shops and hospitals can reopen under strict control and on appointment only.


Under the extended Emergency Decree, from 1-31 May 2020, the 22.00 – 04.00 Hrs. night-time curfew remains in place nationwide. The directives prohibit and restrict business operations or activities including educational activities, large gatherings, airport operations unless otherwise specified, and all arrivals to the Kingdom must comply with screening and quarantine measures.


In addition, the Bangkok Governor and Provincial Governors are to issue closure orders for high-risk disease transmission areas including cinemas, theatres, service venues, entertainment venues, pubs, bars, water theme parks, children playgrounds, amusement parks, zoos, skating and rollerblading venues, snooker and billiard halls, bowling and gaming venues, gaming and Internet shops, public swimming pools, cockfighting venues, shopping malls, department stores, fitness and gyms, beauty clinics, exhibition and convention facilities, museums, public libraries, nurseries, elderly homes, boxing stadiums, martial art gyms, tattoo and piercing shops, ballroom dancing classes and venues, horse race tracks, massage parlours, Thai traditional massage shops, and foot massage shops.


The Bangkok Governor and Provincial Governors may consider closing, limiting or banning business operations or activities deemed a high-risk in addition to venues specified above. However, any consideration to allow the reopening of businesses or activities cannot be done until the situation has been assessed and directives have been issued for the relaxation.

Any religious rites or traditions must be done under strict disease control.

The directives under the extended Emergency Decree also ask people to refrain or slow down on inter-provincial travel, unless extremely necessary.


Source: TAT Newsroom

2 May 2020