40 new Covid-19 cases in Yala

There has been a terrifying discovery of 40 new Covid-19 cases in Yala Province. Worachet Promopat the Yala Vice-Governor and Songkran Maichum, M.D., from the Yala Provincial Public Health reported the latest news on the Covid-19 situation in Yala. Doctor Songkran stated that Yala has started Active Case Finding from 20 April 2020 in areas where there are reports of Coronavirus cases. This is to find patients in the early stages and receive medical care in time.


Credit: INN News


Public Health officials have continued hard work and have found that there are 9 groups with high-risk and this includes 1. Those who have taken part in religious activities in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan. 2. Those who have returned to Thailand from Malaysia. 3. Those taking part in religious activities in the area. 4. Those who have joined a study group (Halagoh). 5. High-risk groups in closed villages. 6. Those who have come into contact with Covid-19 patients. 7. Those who have returned from Bangkok and other provinces. 8. Those in local quarantine, and 9. Those who have been targeted at high-risk.


Previously from 18-24 April 2020, a total of 3,277 persons were tested for the virus with 20 confirmed Covid-19 cases. 3 from the main city of Yala, 3 from Yaha District, and 14 from Bannangsta District. Officials have investigated and found those who have come into close contact with these 20 cases coming to a number of 671 high-risk persons. Out of the number, another 6 Covid-19 cases were confirmed. From the 6 cases, there are 311 persons who have come into close contact, leading to the shocking latest discovery.



On 2 May 2020, 40 new confirmed Covid-19 cases out of 311 high-risk individuals. 271 do not have the virus while 40 are confirmed positive, a shocking number for Yala. 4 cases are from the main city of Yala, 24 are from Yaha District, 7 are from Bannangsta, and 5 are from Raman District. This is the highest number of cases discovered so far, the Yala Department of Medical Sciences will be re-testing the samples and testing more of those with high-risk.


FB Caption: 311 high-risk individuals were tested, with 40 new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Yala Province.


Source: INN News