Cabbies and Uber driver clash in Pattaya

PATTAYA taxi drivers fought with an Uber driver near the car park of a big store to the north of this seaside city after seeing the latter pick up a passenger, Thai News Agency reported last night (Sept. 24).

The cabbies and the Uber driver clashed and almost came to blows after the latter parked his white sedan and got out to help move his passenger’s suitcase to his vehicle.

The angry taxi drivers in the area walked up to videotape what he was doing which led to verbal abuses being hurled at each other before the Uber driver walked up to punch the the taxi drivers only to be stopped by the mall’s security guards.

However despite this furious exchange neither party filed a police report.


Top: An image of the Uber driver helping his passenger with his luggage which Pattaya cabbies videotaped. Photo: Thai News Agency