Quarreling couple mowed down 3 times

A 16-year-old teenage boy driving a black sedan was arrested after hitting a couple who had earlier been mowed down by 2 other vehicles, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Oct 19, 2018).

CCTV video clips show the couple quarreling in the middle of Sukhumvit road at kilometer 180 in Sattahip district of adjacent Chonburi province. They were hit by 3 vehicles with the teenager being the last one to do so.

The teenager was charged with reckless driving leading to death and driving without a license.

He admitted to hitting the couple but said this occurred because he failed to see them after they had already been mowed down by 2 other vehicles.

Police are chasing the 2 motorists who hit the couple and sped away.


Top and below: Stills from CCTV footage showing the quarreling couple and their dead bodies. Photos: Thai  News Agency

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