Dead woman’s boyfriend sends politician to negotiate surrender

A POLITICIAN has contacted police to work out the terms of the surrender of the boyfriend of the pretty Thai woman who was shot dead in her brand new car in central Nakhon Pathom province yesterday, reported this morning (Sept. 5, 2018).

Sources said the local politician told police that Mr Wallop, or Sia Lop, 37,  an informal money lender and gambler who previously had friends in the drug trade, would surrender over the charges of shooting to death Miss Nopthorn, 23, provided they agreed to 1 million baht bail, skip crime reenactment and not take photos.

Police have questioned Nopthorn’s family, friends and her new boyfriend, Tee, with the key evidence being a Facebook exchange between her and Wallop.

Police found out that the deceased had previously been married and had 2 daughters. After her divorce she went to work in Pattaya and then lived with a Dutch man who gave her money every month.

However 9 months ago she took up with Wallop but lately she had started going out with Tee.

On the night of her murder she had gone to an entertainment place with Tee, and at around 2 a.m. drove back to his house, with Wallop following them. He then contacted her by Facebook and tried to cajole her into coming out to meet him to clear issues between then. She first did not answer his messages, but when he sent a photo of a pistol, she came out because she did not want to cause any problems in Tee’s house.

As she also did not want a scene in front of Tee’s house, she arranged to meet Wallop at the entrance of the soi where she was shot dead.


Top: Wallop and Nopthorn in happier times. Photo: