Donut shop employee pushes customer, netizens reveal the truth.

A video showing a donut shop employee pushing a customer to the ground went viral online. With such actions, you would expect netizens to criticize the employee but in this case netizens did not judge. There is another side behind every story and this fact applies to the case we are looking at. Those who watched the video made sure to hold on to their opinions before hearing what drove the employee to such anger. After pushing the customer, the employee shouted before the customer got up and ran away. The incident took place on 15 April 2021 and the video was posted by Facebook Page “Kim Signature” one day later. The donut shop was located in a major mall, Rangsit Area, Pathum Thani Province.


Credit: Sanook


The page captioned the post “At a famous mall in Rangsit. Let’s listen from both sides of the story, customers are not god, but they are important people. Service jobs require so much patience and control. If you are harmed, then the law will help you. Employees are people too, those who take advantage of people beware, society will attack you if your actions are not justified”. Another netizen who was in the incident stated “I work near there and was nearby when it happened, but I don’t know all the details. From what I know, the employee made an accident and prepared the order wrong for this customer. The employee apologized for her mistake 3 times, but the customer would not let it go. She continued to bash the employee, and even went behind the store to continue giving her hell. What happened next was captured in the video”.


Credit: Sanook


Other netizens revealed they have purchased donuts from the same employee before and have all had pleasant experiences. One Facebook user stated “A famous donut shop in a big mall, I don’t know what happened, but I purchased donuts from her before. She was very nice with good customer service”. Another user stated “The employee made a mistake, but the customer really wouldn’t let it go. She kept coming back to the donut shop yelling at the employee. I heard the customer fall down; I ran to see what was happening, but she had already run away. I feel sorry for the employee, right after it happened, she went to say goodbye to her friends in the shop and left. Last I heard the customer went to the hospital, I believe she will be pressing charges”.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Netizens knew right away there was another side to the story.


Source: Sanook