Woman finds teeth in Brownie from famous coffee chain.

A woman finds human teeth in an espresso brownie purchased from a famous global coffee chain. The store’s response is to refund 85 THB which is the cost of the brownie and a complimentary drink. The story was shared by Suwanthna Chawla on her Facebook page. The brownie was ordered through a food delivery service. Everything seemed normal when she received the delivery, but when she tried to eat the brownie, the woman was shocked to find what was hidden inside. Suwanthna spotted something hard in her brownie, but she never expected to find a tooth.


Credit: Catdump.tv


The woman further revealed that she posted a complaint to the store on Instagram and the company contacted her to take responsibility. What they offered the woman was 85 THB and a free drink. Any customer would realize that this offer was unacceptable compared to the teeth found in the brownie. Suwathna posted “I have something to share, this took place on 16 April 2021. I ordered from – Nimanhemin branch in Chiang Mai Province through Grab. What happened was I found a tooth in an espresso choc chip brownie as seen in the picture. I posted in Instagram and – Thailand contacted me. They offered to refund 85 THB and a free drink. What? Imagine what would’ve happened…this is the responsibility… that’s it?”.


Credit: Catdump.tv



The post currently has gone viral, and the shares are not stopping. It is more common to find strange items in your food such as hair or bugs, but a teeth is definitely on another level. Most netizens agree that the incident is unacceptable. How the whole teeth ended up in the brownie is truly a mystery. They also do not understand what the company has offered the customer as their form of taking responsibility. The company has not published a statement on the issue yet. What would you have done If there was a tooth in your brownie?


Credit: Catdump.tv


FB Caption: The company has offered a 85 THB refund and a free drink as their form of taking responsibility.

Source: Catdump.tv