Drug dealing husband leaves wife to face the music

POLICE in southern Hat Yai city moved into arrest a couple who have been selling drugs for 3 years but only managed to apprehend the young wife as her husband fled even though she tearfully urged him to surrender over her mobile phone, Sanook.com reported today (June 20, 2018).

Anti-narcotics and Region 9 police laid in wait at the entrance of the soi and near the couple’s house. Just when a black sedan drove in, they immediately surrounded the vehicle in which there were 2 women, with one of them being the wanted drug trafficker, Ms Phanida, or Eve, 22.

Although police did not find anything illegal in the car, a search of the house led to the discovery of 3,089 methamphetamine pills, or yaba, and 8.06 grams of crystal methamphetamine or Ice hidden in a trash can. They also found some drug consuming paraphernalia, weighing scales, bank books and evidence of money transfer.

Police got Phanida to call her husband, Krisada, to whom she has been married for 7 years, to plead with him to surrender. Although she did so in tears, and initially he agreed to do so, after an hour he switched off the phone and fled.

Phanida said they bought the meth pills from an agent named Kear via Facebook while Ice was purchased from Ms Ann, also through Facebook.

They paid 60,000 baht for a bundle of 2,000 meth pills and retailed them at 195 pills for 7,000 baht and 50 pills for 2,000 baht. They bought 100 grams of Ice for 46,000 baht and resold it at 700 baht a gram.


Top: Phanida in tears after her husband left her to face the drug charges alone. Photo: Sanook.com