Drug party group arrested during Covid-19 situation.

A drug party group has been arrested in Sai Mai District, Bangkok. The group attempted to have a secret drug party while Covid-19 case numbers in Thailand continue to rise. There are 4,803 new cases in Thailand on 29 May 2021 bringing the total amount of cases in the country to 149,779. A total of 102,311 cases have made a full recovery today while 46,480 are still receiving medical care. The death number has increased by 988 in one day. This is the worst time to be planning a party, especially a drug party where no one even considers safety measures against the virus.



A total of 23 teenagers have been arrested at the party and 17 have been confirmed to be using drugs. The Sai Mai Police received notification on 29 May 2021 at 3 am of teenagers having a party filled with illegal drugs. Locals in the area were afraid the party was going to spread Covid-19 to those residing in the area. The party took place at a resort in Sai Mai 56 the officers who were working during that hour went to inspect the location. Officials found 23 teenagers using drugs inside the resort room VIP 3. The teenagers were all arrested and delivered to the Sai Mai Police Station.



Police found evidence including the drug ketamine. 17 suspects who joined in the party admitted that they used Ketamine. The other 6 suspects claim that they only drank alcohol and never touched the drug. All suspects will receive a urine drug screen to confirm whether they used Ketamine or any other drugs. The suspects are facing charges of violating the emergency decree, illegal drug use, and more. 2 of the teenagers are still minors, both admitted to using Ketamine. Bangkok health authorities have been notified of the arrests and all 23 suspects will receive Covid-19 tests.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: 17 of the suspects admitted that they used Ketamine in the party, 2 are still minors.


Source: Sanook