Drunk driving stats higher this year

DRUNK driving statistics for April 12-16, the five days of Songkran celebration, show that there were more violations this year than last year despite the measure “drunk don’t drive – face arrest and vehicle will be seized” during the seven dangerous days,Thai News Agency said today  (April 17).

During April 12-16 traffic violations by motorcycles occurred 325,013 times and by public vehicles 274,309 times while 6,544 vehicles were seized for drunk driving divided into 4,982 motorcycles and 1,562 cars.

That there are more cases of drunk driving this Songkran is attributed there being more vehicles on the roads and a lot of people still driving when drunk.

Just yesterday, April 16, there were 85,009 traffic violations with 1,013 vehicle seized and 46,929 cases sent to the prosecutors.

Violations by public and private vehicles totaled 57,719 with 581 driving licenses and 319 vehicles seized and prosecution started against 29,304 people.


Top: Don’t drink and drive! Dummy accident to prevent drunk driving during Songkran in Chiang Mai. Photo: Nicolai Bangsgaard (CC-BY-2.0)



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