Boy rides dog to school and helps take care of mother.

A boy rides his dog to and back from school from home everyday, he also takes care of his mom who is a bedridden patient. This is an incredible story of a young boy who travels to school on his dog. A Facebook page named “Phanu CR” posted the video online of a student riding his dog. Netizens were amazed and the post went viral shortly after it was posted online. Phanupong Akkarasatien the owner of the page is the Principle of Ban Kaen Wittya School in Chaing Rai Province. He revealed on 10 June 2022 to Khaosod News that the student is Yong 9 years old studying in grade 3 at the school. 



The dog is Bo who one day walked to the boys home and has stayed with the family ever since. The dog and the boy are extremely close. The dog comes to school with the boy and waits until class finishes then they go home together. He waits in front of the classroom patiently every school day. Yong has another brother who is 12 years old and studies in grade 6. Together they live at home with Ui 70 years old who is a bedridden patient. Yong and Phuchit the older brother help take care of their mom. They feed her before and after school and also help clean her. 



Yong loves activities and often participates in events at the school. The video shows Yong riding on the dog’s back. It is not surprising to see a boy walking to school but it is amazing when the boy rides on a dog. The dog doesnt seem to be in any pain and waits for the boy until he finishes school. Students at the school all love the dog and often play with him. The pair are inseparable. Even after Yong becomes too big to ride on Bo, Bo will still travel to school with him and together they will walk home side by side as usual. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The dog will wait in front of the classroom until it is time to go home. 

Source: Khaosod