Elderly and bedridden patient saved from fire.

Rescue team members helped save an elderly person and a bedridden patient from a fire. Their life almost ended but were extended thanks to quick work from the rescue team. Police from the San Sai Police Station received notification on 17 June 2023 of a house fire in Muang Len sub-district, San Sai District. Police notified the Mae Jo rescue team, the local firefighters, and related officials. They all headed to the location immediately. Officials brought in fire trucks as the fire spread quickly covering the entire home. 



The rescue team members entered the home while the fire was still going on as they needed to make sure no person was at risk inside the home. Turns out there were 2 persons stuck inside the fire. One an 80-year-old elderly person and a 40-year-old bedridden patient. The team did not hesitate and tried their best to save both persons. The team ran outside the fire with both persons successfully. After an amount of time, the firefighters were able to control the fire. The first floor of the home was burned down and all furniture inside was gone. 



The same home had a fire 3 days before the big fire. The firefighters were notified and the fire was put out before anything bad happened and the damage inside the home was minimal. No persons were injured in the first fire. They didn’t find out what caused the first fire and family members were grateful it was just a small fire. Then the big fire took place but thanks to good teamwork both were saved. The family will have to deal with the damages as nothing is left on the first floor. Furniture can be bought again, but the lives saved will forever be grateful to all those involved in the incident. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The rescue team members did not hesitate to enter inside and see if any persons were trapped in the fire. 

Source: Khasosod