Family robbed overnight in hotel room with a secret entrance.

A family went to stay at a hotel but woke up and almost 1 million THB worth of their belongings was gone. The hotel later revealed that there is a secret entrance inside the room covered by a mirror. The entrance can be opened from outside and the guests were not notified about this. A family of 3 from Songkhla Province. Esana 43 years old the father revealed that he checked in as usual and went to shower. He removed all jewelry and the family went to bed. They woke up and he remembered thinking it was strange how his child never woke up in the middle of the night like usual. 



Esana noticed his belongings were missing and left the room where another guest was also outside. This guest stated his wallet disappeared during the night. Both of them wondered how someone would enter their room so they walked to look at the building from outside. This is when they found entrances to their rooms from outside. Inside the rooms, these entrances are covered with a window. The hotel denied all responsibility at first and claimed there is no proof that they actually lost their belongings. The incident took place 3 months ago and no updates have been given from the hotel. Esana also believes that his family was drugged as they all slept very deeply through the night. 



Police and related officials went to inspect the hotel on 19 June 2023. There are small secret entrances to the rooms. Guests that are inside will not know this as it looks like a normal window. Natanan, the hotel manager states this entrance is used by the cleaners to help air the room out. Natanan stated the current owners purchased the hotel 4 years ago and the secret entrances were already there. The original purpose of the entrances is to escape in case of emergencies such as arguments, police escape, and a husband with his mistress. After the incident, the hotel has placed a lock on the entrances. Esana lost over 700,000 THB worth of belongings including a 12 baht gold necklace, diamond rings, gold rings, and Buddhist amulets, and the other guest had 7,000 THB cash in his wallet. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The hotel did not inform guests of the secret entrances to each room. One family lost over 700k and believes they were robbed. 


Source: Khaosod