Englishman throws wife off 8th floor condo.

An Englishman threw his wife from their condo unit on the 8th floor, the wife landed on the 7th floor. The man then ended up praying for hours after he threw the wife out of their condo in Ban Chang District, Rayong Province. The officials at Ban Chang Police Station received a notification and went to inspect the condo right away on 28 April 2020. The Rayong Immigration Police, Crime Suppression Officials, and the local rescue team also traveled to the condo.


The police found Sukanda 56 years old on the 7th floor still conscious in her own blood. The victim was screaming in pain and tried to tell the police that her English husband had thrown her off the 8th-floor balcony. The local rescue team then delivered the victim to the Ban Chang Hospital. Officials made sure that Sukanda was delivered safely to the hospital before contacting one of the Englishman’s friends. The police contacted the friend because the Englishman had been praying in the sun on the balcony for hours, and no matter what officials said the man never responded and just kept on praying with his hands placed in front of his chest.


Dave 46 years old seemed like he was going to continue praying for the rest of his life after almost killing his Thai wife. The friend arrived at the condo and stood to shout to Dave from the opposite balcony. After over 2 hours of attempting to communicate with Dave, the friend was excited and had tried his best to help the officials. Finally, at 16.30 Dave opened his door and allowed the condo manager and officials from the Rayong Immigration in for a talk. Dave started to calm down and revealed that the couple was having a fight when the wife fell off the 8th-floor balcony.


Credit: Sanook


Officials will be having a talk with Sukanda as soon as she starts to recover about what had happened before the incident. Sukanda has been critically injured with hip fractures and a dislocated left arm. Dave has legally entered the country and cannot return to England due to Covid-19. Dave reveals that staying in the condo for months has caused high stress and tension resulting in the fight with his wife.


FB Caption: Dave prayed in the sun for hours after throwing his wife off their condo balcony.


Source: Sanook