Firecracker falls on student’s head in Korat

A firecracker fell on a girl’s head in Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The firecracker was used in a funeral and the girl is currently in a coma. Nirutti 41-year-old the father of Natcha the victim revealed while crying that Natcha is critically injured and in a coma. On the date the incident Natcha went to school on her bicycle, but she must’ve forgot and walked home with friends instead. The doctor stated to the father that he believes the girl has little chance of living long. Nirutti has strong hopes because Natcha is a bright girl who has always been very positive in life.


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Natcha is also the family’s only child. There were no signs that warned him of what was about to happen. Nirutti and his wife left for work in the morning, and they did not exchange many words. Nirutti found out about the accident from his wife who called in the evening. Jidsai 74-year-old the aunt witnessed the incident. Jidsai stated students grade 1-3 finish school at around 16.00. On the date of the incident, she heard a loud bang. Parents waiting to pick their child up all ran to see where the sound came from. She crossed the road and found out it was her own granddaughter.


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Natcha was on the ground and someone was holding an umbrella to shield her from the sun. Jidsai tried calling Natcha but she never responded. There was something inside Natcha’s head. Police have collected another firecracker remains from nearby the incident location. The INN News Team went to the temple located 50 meters from the school. There were many firecrackers remains left behind. Villagers stated on the date of the incident an old style of firecracker was used made from wood. The person who lighted the firecracker claims he aimed the firecracker to a paddy field but there were strong winds.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The firecracker came from a funeral and the girl is currently in a coma.


Source: INN News