Do not accept COD if you did not order.

Woman posted a warning online to never accept Cash on Delivery (COD) parcels if you do not remember ordering the item. Cash on Delivery orders are very popular in Thailand as they are convenient, when you order an item there is no need to transfer or fill your credit card information. The item will be delivered straight to your door and all you must do is pay with cash. Many prefer COD because it also helps avoid online scams, as you will not have to pay until item is received.


Credit: Khaosod


Scammers are now using COD shipping as a way to take money from you. It is not clear where they get your address from, but many online shoppers receive random COD packages and didn’t realize it was a scam until after they paid. Many shoppers get multiple COD deliveries per day and pay without realizing. The victim posted on 27 March 2021 sharing her experience. She usually orders a lot of COD items and accepted one without realizing it was a scam. She opened the package after paying and remembered that she never ordered such item. Inside the package was a pink shirt with a note that stated “I am sorry, I need the money to pay for my father’s medical bills. I need to make it in time or my father might lose his life. This is all the money I have”.


The victim was annoyed and stated this wasn’t right, finding money using such actions was just like stealing. We also don’t know if the note inside the parcel was real, it could be a story made up by the scammers as well. The woman paid 590 THB for the shirt and netizens believe she is not the only victim. The scammer probably printed hundreds of the same note. The victim states if the story is real then it would be ok, but if the story is false, she wishes the scammer to have a terrible life.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Inside the COD package was also a sad note claiming the money was going towards a good cause.


Source: Khaosod