Fireworks factory explode, 8 injured and 10 homes damaged.

A fireworks factory exploded in Chiang Mai Province on 24 July 2023. Thanakit Chanthajamratsilp, the Doi Saket Village Cief revealed the factory is a licensed factory and had a similar explosion that took place 10 years ago. The decision is pending on whether the factory will be allowed to rebuild in the same location, located in the middle of a village. There are 8 persons injured from the explosion and 10 homes damaged. Thanakit stated they believe the explosion was caused by hot weather. Ingredients used to make the fireworks exploded but thankfully there are no deaths caused by the incident. 



The true cause of the explosion must first be confirmed by the investigation police. There has been a temporary center set up to help those affected by the explosion, whether they were injured or if their homes were damaged from the incident. Firefighters and related officials went to the area and stopped the fire from spreading any further. This is not the first time the factory had exploded, the last explosion was 10 years ago. Officials are considering whether they will allow the factory to be rebuilt in the same location. This depends on whether the licensing office will allow it. 



The district will be inspected other fireworks factories in the area to protect against future explosions or fires. The factory claims the explosion was caused by an electrical fire. The spark ignited fireworks that were stored inside the warehouse. There are 8 persons injured in the incident. Out of this number, 3 were critically injured, 3 were substantially injured, and 2 have minor injuries. The victims have been delivered to hospitals in the area. The 10 homes that were damaged in the area will have to depend on the related officials to help repair the homes back to normal. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The spark ignited fireworks that were stored inside the warehouse.

Source: Khaosod