Fisherman dies as summer storms blow in

A FIERCE summer storm sank a fishing boat at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam killing a 45-year-old man this morning (April 5) even as the Thai Meteorological Department issued a new weather warning that a large part of upper Thailand, Bangkok included, will be hit by thunderstorms today and tomorrow (April 5-6), Thai News Agency reported.

Polce in central Lopburi province together with rescuers and 10 divers went on motor and flat bottom boats to search for the victim in the dam.

A survivor of this incident said he and 3 other persons had gone fishing in the dam when the powerful summer storm suddenly blew in and dumped torrential rain.

The boat started rocking and very quickly sank taking all their belonging down with it. All of them searched for something to hang on to but his friend, Mr Charat Srisanith, 45, was not able to withstand the powerful winds and waves and drowned before his eyes.

After the storm eased, other villagers came out and rescued them, he added.

Meanwhile, the Thai Meteorological Department warned that a rather strong high pressure system from China has moved in and is covering upper Thailand even as a westerly trough is prevailing over the North.

This will lead to outbreaks of summer thunderstorms that come with gusty winds, possibly hail, with isolated heavy rain today and tomorrow (April 5-6) in the North, the Northeast, the Central region including Bangkok and its vicinity, and the East.

People are warned to stay safe from these severe conditions, including possible flash flood. They should keep away from flimsy buildings, avoid the outdoors, and beware of crop damage.


Top: Divers searching for the body of the dead fisherman.  Photo: Thai News Agency