Floor collapses in School, 30 students fall into water.

Students were shocked when the floor collapsed inside a classroom and 30 students fell down into the water below. The school later revealed the floor is very old and has not been renovated in 47 years. The school is prepared to repair the floor during the long school break. Police Lieutenant Thitiplus Sukumonjan from the Phanat Nikhom Police Station in Chonburi Province received notification of a floor collapse inside a school. Police went to the location right away. The school is a 2-story building with wooden floors. The school is 47 years old and the room with a collapsed floor is room no.11. The fall was 2 meters deep and underneath was trapped water.


Teachers helped bring the students out of the water before the police arrived. Many of the students received minor injuries including small cuts on the skin. The local rescue team had already taken 2 students to the Phanat Nikhom Hospital. A 13-year-old student stated they were having an English competition in the classroom when the floor collapsed. The collapse was very sudden and 30 students fell below. But there was trapped water underneath where the floor collapsed. B also fell into the water but thankfully she is not injured. Prayot Kritipakorn the principal stated when he received the position he noticed the building was very old. He repaired the floors that appeared bent or unbalanced.


The floor that collapsed seemed normal and was not inspected. When the incident happened many students rushed to the front of the room and all gathered in one spot. There was too much weight in one spot which caused the collapse. Most of the injured students received only minor injuries. 2 students had back pain so they were taken to a nearby hospital. The school already has plans to renovate the classrooms during the big school break. Sadly the plan is too late as the floor has already collapsed. Hopefully all the injured students will have a fast recovery and return to school soon.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The same wooden floor has never been renovated in 47 years.

Credit: Khaosod