Girl finds phone taped to gas station bathroom ceiling.

A girl was using the bathroom at a gas station on 28 June 2020 when she looked up and saw a phone taped to the ceiling. The girl climbed on top of the toilet and removed the phone, she showed it to an employee at the gas station and then filed a report with the Khlong Tan Police in Bangkok. After some investigation truth came out that the phone belonged to one of the gas station boys. After being caught, the employee claimed he was trying to prank an ex-girlfriend and the incident was just an accident. 


Credit: Sanook


The Facebook User posted “I want to warn other women about using public bathrooms. I went to the bathroom at a gas station in Patthanakan 20. While I was doing my personal business I looked around the room (I normally do this as I am a naturally curious person, especially if it’s not my bathroom). I looked upwards and saw a phone taped to the ceiling. I finished my business and climbed onto the toilet, I removed the phone and walked to one of the employees. The employee stated that he didn’t know anything about the phone. So I told him that I was going to file a report with the police. I don’t know how long the phone has been there for and how many people have fallen victim. I never thought that this would happen to me. 


Credit: Sanook


Police Lieutenant Colonel Wachirakorn Wongbun from the Khlong Tan Police Station went to inspect the gas station on 29 June 2020 in Patthanakan 20, Bangkok. Officials investigated and discovered that the phone belonged to Thaninthorn 23 years old from Sa Kaeo Province, an employee at the gas station. The suspect was interviewed and admitted that he was the person who placed the phone in the bathroom, he was arrested and delivered to the Khlong Tan Police. The suspect claims that he only wanted to prank his ex-girlfriend and didn’t intend to take images of the suspect while using the toilet. Police also discovered that Thaninthorn had taken pictures of other girls using the same method on the 24th. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The suspect claims that the phone was placed in the bathroom for a prank on his ex-girlfriend. 


Source: Sanook