Good civilian attacked after intervening in couple argument

A good civilian was attacked by a group of teenagers after he intervened in a couple’s argument. The attack took place in front of a local convenience store in Nonthaburi Province. The boyfriend was unhappy after the good civilian intervened. The Sanook News Team went to inspect the area on 2 June 2020. The incident was originally shared by Facebook Page HunterXVI revealing what took place before the attack. The Page stated that a couple was having an argument in front of the store. A man in black and other good civilians nearby intervened and tried to calm the couple down. The boyfriend shouted that it was none of anyone’s business and the issue was personal. The boyfriend made a call to his friends. The friends arrived at the convenience store shortly after.


Then the boyfriend’s mother arrived trying to calm down all parties involved. The boyfriend and his friends started to calm down after listening to what the mother had to say. While they were still talking, the mother fainted to the ground. Near the convenience store were food delivery drivers. One of the drivers A 26 years old witnessed the incident, A stated that the incident took place at around 20.00 when the couple started fighting. The boyfriend seemed very upset and was holding a knife threatening to stab his girlfriend.


Credit: Sanook


This was when the man in black intervened and asked the boyfriend why he wanted to hurt his girlfriend. The boyfriend changed the target and started walking towards the man in black. When asked why he was getting involved the man told the boyfriend he was just trying to stop the fight. The boyfriend continued walking towards the man, the man picked up a stick as protection. The boyfriend backed down and called his friends, minutes later 2 men in yellow arrived. The boyfriend told the 2 friends about how the man got involved in his personal business. The group attacked the man in black while he kept telling the men about how he was sorry and all he wanted to do was stop the fight. The good civilian ended up injured, bleeding from his arm and neck.


The boyfriend’s mother apologized to the good civilian after the attack claiming that her son had anger issues. The Nonthaburi City Police are inspecting the security footage to find the men who attacked the man in black. Police revealed that the victim has not filed a report with the police but because the incident took place in a public area and many witnessed the incident, the men must be found.


FB Caption: The boyfriend was holding a knife threatening to stab the girlfriend when a good civilian intervened.


Source: Sanook