Good police help keep food delivery driver safe.

A food delivery driver was scared when an order came in from a customer fishing on a boat. He was not scared of the customer, but he had to drive past a bridge where robberies regularly take place. The delivery driver passed by 2 policemen and decided to tell them his fears. The policemen followed him all the way to the customer over 10 kilometers. This is a good story to remind us that there are kind police officers in Thailand who will do what they can to keep the people safe. The delivery driver tried to offer the police gas money, but none of the officers would accept it.



The incident was shared online on 25 May 2021. Netizens applaud 2 police officers who were performing their normal duties driving around the area making sure everything was safe. A delivery driver received an order far away, he had to pass by an area where robbery was very common. As a solution, the delivery driver decided to approach the police and see if they could go with him. Thiti Sawatdee posted “I was afraid of being robbed during the night. The customer wanted me to deliver food under a bridge as he was on a boat. He could not come up and get it on the bridge. Food delivery drivers regularly get robbed at this location.



I found police officers who were working during the night. I approached them and expressed my fears of getting robbed. I asked them what I should do. The officers offered to follow me, and the distance was over 10 kilometers. After I delivered the order, I tried to give them gas money, but both officers would not take it. It was good that nothing happened, but it is better to be safe than sorry. The officers are Police Sergeant Chaichana Suwanpetch and Police Corporal Dechatorn Yuthawonwit from the Ratburana Police station in Bangkok”.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The officers followed Thiti all the way as food delivery drivers regularly get robbed at the location.


Source: Khaosod