Govt gets tough with anti-Monarchy websites

THE Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE) has recently formed a 100 plus task force unit whose job is to surf all the websites known to be critical of the Monarchy around the clock to look out for contents defamatory to the Monarchy, provocative or inciting unrest, Thai PBS said this morning.

Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Jantong and acting DE minister said on Wednesday that, besides the monitoring unit, the DE had coordinated with local and foreign ISPs (internet service providers), the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the National Security Council and the National Police Office in its effort to cope with the anti-Monarchy websites.

He disclosed that on October 14, the task force unit had detected 52 websites with contents deemed damaging to the Monarchy and an addition of 61 websites the following day.

He said officials managed to block 35 percent of the websites with most of them in the country.

As for foreign websites, he said the government had to invoke the computer crime law to deal with the alleged offenders which will normally take about 15 days before an action can be taken.

ACM Prajin noted that the DE would try to speed up the process by weeding out some red tapes.

He asked members of the public to notify authorities concerned when they stumbled on any websites which are deemed damaging to the Monarchy by calling 1212 to report their findings.


Top: Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Jantong speaking about anti-Monarchy websites yesterday. Photo: Thai PBS





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