Grandpa goes to police station after “bad haircut”.

A grandpa traveled to the police station and wanted to file a report with the police after he received a “bad haircut”. The grandpa simply stated that he wanted his money back as the haircut did not make him look handsome. The story went viral online, and netizens loved the grandpa for sharing his experience after a bad haircut. Many have walked out of the salon or barber disappointed, but no one was brave enough to ask for their money back or to take actions further. The grandpa went in for a haircut and discovered that his hair was at different lengths, this upset him as it meant he would not look handsome.


Credit: khaosod


A Facebook page named Bandung Update shared a story to remember. The story is about a grandpa who was asking for police officers to look at his hair. The grandpa claimed his hair was at different lengths because the barber did not do a good job. After leaving the salon he decided to visit the police station and file a report hoping that as a result the barber would return his money. The grandpa asked police officers at the station to look at his haircut. He stated that the barber was not skilled, and he wanted the money back. Officers tried to tell the grandpa that he looked handsome with the new cut.



In the end there was a happy ending as the officers helped find a good solution. The post stated “the haircut did not make him look handsome. This is a cute story of a grandpa with the Band Dung Police. He came in to file a report to ask for the money back. The grandpa wanted 80 THB back after he paid 60 THB, the extra 20 was for some energy drink to replace his time. Thank you to the police who used their own money to make the grandpa happy again”.


Credit: khaosod


FB Caption: The grandpa stated the haircut did not make him look handsome.


Source: Khaosod