Boy takes 8 sleeping pills after doctor prescribed to wrong patient.

A 35-year-old mother shared her experience after her 10-year-old son took 8 sleeping pills and ended up sleeping for a very long time. The doctor then later admitted he prescribed the wrong medication that was intended for a different patient on another bed. The boy is hospitalized due to kidney disease and the mother was extremely worried when her son did not wake up. A Facebook user shared the story online with pictures of the boy in the hospital bed. The incident took place in Buriram Province and the caption stated “My boy took 8 sleeping pills and other medication totaling 14 pills. The grandma was with the boy when the nurse handed him 14 pills.



The grandma noticed there was a lot of pills, so she asked the nurse if her grandson really needed to take all the pills. The nurse confirmed and stated it was doctor’s orders. My boy slept for a very long time; he was still sleeping when the post was made. The doctor tried to blame the grandma claiming that she should have asked if there was an abnormal number of pills. Shouldn’t the doctor blame himself? It is his mistake. My son has kidney disease and now high blood pressure, it was normal in the morning”.



The boy had chest pain and went to the hospital where they found out he had kidney disease. The boy is hospitalized and usually he would take around 6 pills per time. On 17 June 2021, the 5th day at the hospital the mother went to see her son at 2pm and he was still sleeping. After asking the grandmother she realized her son had taken a total of 14 pills after breakfast. The bed nearby was acting strange, so she started talking to him. The patient had diabetes and had suddenly stopped drinking, he started acting out because he did not receive any medication after breakfast. The doctor admitted he prescribed the medication to the wrong bed and tried to blame the mother for not asking about the pills.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The doctor tried to blame the parents for not asking why there were so many pills.


Source: Sanook