Heaviest flood in 10 years in Loei

TORRENTIAL rain together with forest runoffs led to Loei’s Chiang Khan and Dan Sai districts getting badly flooded in the middle of the night and residents evacuated from their homes all night till morning, Thai News Agency said today (Oct. 17).

As heavy rain is still continuing this morning this round of flooding in this northern province is turning into the heaviest  in a decade .

Key roads leading to a market are flooded as is Wat Mahathat and any hope of floodwater dropping this morning was dashed as the heavy downpour continued and this increasing problems for the residents.

Loei flood (2)

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department said  during Oct. 16-18 a high pressure covers upper Vietnam and Laos while a monsoon trough lies across lower North,  upper Central and Northeast and a southwesterly monsoon prevails across the Andaman Sea and upper Gulf.

This will lead to continuous rain with isolated heavy downpours occurring in the North, the Central, the East and the South.

However while rain will decrease over upper Thailand during Oct 19-22 it will continue in the South and the East with there being isolated heavy showers and possibly flash floods and gusty winds.

Bangkok faces scattered to fairly widespread thundershowers with isolated heavy downpours during Oct. 16-18 and scattered thundershowers during Oct 19-22.

Minimum temperature is 24-26 °C while maximum temperature 31-34°C. Westerly wind is 15-30 km/hr.


Top: A man is being evacuated from his home in Loei last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: A sedan struggling to go through a badly flooded road in Loei road last night.  Photo: Thai News Agency