Illegal workers caught on a Bus because of their “Body Odor”

This incident took place in Chumphon province on the 10th of this month. At about 2 am a local checkpoint in Chomphon called aside a bus owned by a bus company named ST Sri Suthep Tour. The bus was a blue and white Volvo bus with two drivers named Surasak 28 years old and Prasit 29 years old.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Prasit was driving at the time when the bus was called over, at the same time, one of the passengers opened the bus door and told the police that there were about 10 foreign workers inside the bus and that they have caused great annoyance to other passengers from their bad body odor that had stunk up the whole air-conditioned bus.


The officers decided to inspect the inside of the bus and found 13 Burmese workers in total. Out of the 13, 8 were males and 5 were females. The workers were sitting next to Thai passengers in an attempt to blend in. None of them had arrival cards into Thailand that is normally stamped by the Thai Immigration Bureau when entering the country.


The bus drivers admitted to the police that on the 9th at around 8 pm after leaving Bangkok they were contacted by a man named Oh to pick up 13 Burmese in Samut Sakhon province to deliver to Surat Thani province. They were going to receive 1,200 THB as payment for each worker. Both of the drivers will be prosecuted by law on charges related to human trafficking.


All of the 13 Burmese reported that they come from Rattayakai in Myanmar. All of them have families in Malaysia and their goal was to go work in Malaysia. They had sold their land and house to pay for the travel expenses. There plan was to come in through the Northern Border of Thailand by truck, they then entered the air-conditioned bus but was caught by the police before they could make it.


FB Caption: A passenger told the police that a group of people was stinking up the air-conditioned bus.


Source: Sanook