“J-Park Sriracha Nihon Mura” A – Japanese Themed Community Mall

Let’s party like we’re in Japan at the Summer Festival from 25 Aug. to 11 Sep. 2022


No need to venture far to experience Japan. “J-Park Sriracha Nihon Mura” – a Japanese themed community mall uniquely designed to offer visitors a taste of Japan in all seasons and festivals – is inviting you to come join us to celebrate the Natsu Matsuri Summer Festival. In addition to exploring the festival while donning yukata, visitors will enjoy an immersive experience of exciting game booths and authentic Japanese food, merchandises, and many more. The event will be held from today to 11 September 2022 at “J-Park Sriracha Nihon Mura” to promote cultural exchange between the Thais and Japanese.


Don’t miss the event’s special highlight and cultural fun, the traditional Bon-Odori dance which will be held on 9 September 2022 starting from 5 pm. In August of every year, Natsu Matsuri Festival is observed all over Japan to celebrate summer. The festival features line-up of street vendors, fun activities, and Bon Odori dance. It is a dazzling and vibrant Japanese summer event that you don’t want to miss.

In addition to the festival, visitors can also enjoy many Japanese shops in “J-Park Sriracha Nihon Mura” such as Don Don Donki and Yokocho Zone, a newly opened section full of authentic Japanese snack and dessert shops.

“J-Park Sriracha Nihon Mura” offers a chance for the Thai people to experience Japan’s beautiful culture through architectural designs and elements, including vernacular buildings, walkways, and bridges, Japanese villages, Japanese gardens, and amazing photo spots. The J-park community mall is unequivocally a true leader in the Japanese themed community malls which will accommodate community growth in Sriracha District and prepare for the opening of the Rest Area on Motorway No. 7 Bangkok-Sriracha-Pattaya in the future.