Japanese fraudulent call center leader arrested.

The Immigration Police Successfully arrested Yamato 30 years old wanted by a Japanese arrest warrant. He was arrested at a local resort in Bang Rak District, Bangkok on the 25th of this month (August 2019). The Thai police have been searching for him for over 4 months after Yamato came into Thailand to hide from his crimes.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from The Immigration Police reported that Yamato is not just an ordinary member of a call center gang, in fact, he is the leader of a large gang and is also the more coordinate in their crimes.


The police first discovered that a Japanese call center leader was hiding in Thailand when a group of the call center members was arrested in Pattaya. Investigation Police have tracked down the members that gave information on Yamato as the leader of the gang operating from Thailand. Most of the call center gang victims are Japanese Citizens residing in Japan, thus a reason to why Yamato is highly wanted by the Japanese Government.


The Immigration police previously arrested 15 Japanese citizens on the 29th of March this year. The Chonburi Immigration Police received information about a home being used for an illegal call center. The police surrounded the rented home in Bang Lamung, Chonburi near Pattaya City and found the 15 Japanese suspects inside working with evidence used to commit the crimes.


After the arrest of the 15 suspects in Chonburi, the police discovered information on Yamato being the leader of such call center gang. The Thai officials then received information that Yamato is highly wanted in Japan for his crimes. Many Japanese citizens fell victim accounting to more than 500 persons. The damage comes to 89 Million Yen or 25 Million THB.


Yamato has also overstayed in Thailand, he will be prosecuted accordingly then deported back to Japan.


FB Caption: The damage in Yamato crimes comes to 89 Million Yen or 25 Million THB.


Source: INN News