Koh Larn on Lockdown for 15 days.

Locals on the island have voted to temporarily shut down the island for 15 days. The locals call this a self-lockdown where the loudest voice is to close down the island for a short period of time from visitors. There have been no Covid-19 cases on the island since the 3rd wave started in Thailand and this is a safety precaution to protect from future cases. The Ban Koh Larn Community Board had a meeting at the Mai Samran Temple on 2 May 2021. Villagers, private business owners, and other related persons also joined in the meeting. The main concern is to protect locals and the island from Covid-19, a total of 845 persons came together to find a solution.


Credit: Khaosod


420 voted to temporarily close down the island to visitors for at least 15 days. 306 voted to close down the island along with a rule of no one entering or leaving the island for at least 15 days. 94 votes to have the island remain open and follow the Chonburi Province safety regulations. 94 chose to remain silent. There will be 2 main screening areas on the island at the Naban Port and the Tawaen Beach. With the highest number of votes, it is final that Koh Larn will be closed down to visitors from 5-20 May 2021. Locals realize that there have been no new Covid-19 cases on the island and they want it to remain that way.



There will be a Covid-19 volunteer team to keep watch of Covid-19 related safety. This includes providing information to locals and to find new safety measures to help control the spread of the virus on the island. As for the lockdown resorts cannot have to be clear of customers from 4 May and no new bookings are allowed until the situation improves. Locals on the village can get stickers for their ID card at the the main port from 9.00-12.00. Those who want to enter the island must receive permission from the Covid-19 center at least 1 day before entering. Those who must travel in and out of the island frequently for work must have a guarantor. Sellers from Pattaya cannot enter the island and post will be delivered at the Naban Port.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: 420 out of 845 voted to lock down the island for 15 days from all visitors.


Source: Khaosod