Koh Samui Ferry breaks down in middle of ocean.

A Ferry from Donsak Pier to Koh Samui Island breaks down in the middle of the ocean. Passengers were stranded for 2 hours before another ferry came to drag the ferry to shore. Ferry no.11 from a company named Racha Ferry broke down in the middle of the ocean on the night of 27 July 2023. The Ferry left Donsak Pier at 19.00 and was supposed to arrive at Koh Samui Island at 20.30. The engine shut down while still on the water, and this caused the power to also shut down. A Facebook user named “Omin Limsuwan” who was one of the passengers on the ferry posted his experience online. 



Ferry Racha no.5 came to help Ferry Racha no.11. When the engine shut down there were heavy waves about 2-3 meters high. This caused the rescue to be harder than it should’ve been. Khaosod News contacted Omin for more information on the incident. Omin stated he drove his car onto the ferry and once the ferry was full the departure went according to schedule. The waves were high and at 20.00 the ferry’s engine shut down. Everyone on the ferry was scared, mainly because the ferry employees asked passengers to put on a life jacket. The lights were off and the children were crying, it was an emotional scene. 



Passengers were relieved when they saw Ferry no.5 that came to help. Ferry no.5 left Koh Samui at 19.00 and was scheduled to arrive at Donsak Pier at 20.30. There were high waves and heavy winds when Ferry no.5 connected to Ferry no.11 using a rope. Passengers on Ferry no.11 asked for water from Ferry no.5 as they had been stuck in the ocean for 2 hours. Ferry no.5 started dragging Ferry no.11 to Koh Samui, but because there were heavy winds the rope broke. Another rope was used to connect the ferries and finally, at 23.30 both ferries arrived at Koh Samui Island safely. Related officials are investigating the cause of why the engine shut down and the condition of the ferry in accordance with the law.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Ferry no.5 dragged Fery no.11 to Koh Samui using a rope. 


Source: Khaosod