Korat reels after heavy rain triggers massive flooding

TWO hours of heavy rainfall triggered massive flooding which paralyzed Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat last night with huge traffic tailbacks and some cars falling into the gutter in the middle of the road, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 12)

Floodwater gushed onto key roads of this northeastern city with cars moving along with great difficulty and this leading to huge traffic tailbacks that almost reached crisis point.

Korat 1

The flooding was particularly bad on the key Mittraphab road leading out of the city from Pak Thong Chai intersection all the way to Save One market with floodwater as high as 50 to 80 centimeters and several cars unable to move at all.

A bigger problem was that some cars going through the floodwater lost their balance and fell into the gutter in the middle of the road with floodwater reaching midway of these vehicles but fortunately some good citizens helped lift them out amid the driving rain.

Korat’s inner city too was flooded particularly around IT Plaza, The Mall department store,  Suranaree camp and in front of the City Hall.

Low-lying alleys also got inundated causing a lot of problem for residents with this being this year’s heaviest flooding in this northeastern city. However the floodwater started dropping after 1 am and the situation steadily improved.


Top and inset: Heavily flooded roads in Korat last night. Photo: Thai News Agency