Krabi divers help free trapped fish

DIVERS from a private company in Krabi helped collect discarded fishnets entangled in a large stretch of corals on the seabed entrapping lots of beautiful fish, the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported today (Dec. 26).

The divers from Local Diving Krabi Company went down to the seabed at Koh Kood island, which is near Koh Poda island administered by Hat Nopharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, and cut and brought up over 100 kilograms of new fishnets.

The fishnets covered a large stretch of corals and had entrapped lots of beautiful fish both dead and alive.


Chaowalert Phunchuay, a diving teacher at this company, said he regularly takes tourists diving around this area which has a large variety of healthy corals and is home to lots of colorful fish, which tourists enjoy looking at.

However, he spotted fishnets in this area, and they seem to been discarded by those illegally trapping fish by placing nets on the seabed near the national park, but were later enable to remove them because they got entangled in the corals.

He urged the authorities to strictly crack down on illegal fishing in or near the national park because if corals are damaged, the diving business would be affected as tourists would no longer want to go diving in this zone.


Top and in-text: Two of very many fish entangled in nets stuck on corals in the seabed near a Krabi island. Photos: Matichon