License plate gets stolen after leaving car in Repair Center for 2 months

A BMW owner shared his experience on his personal Facebook “ซุ้มแปดเทพ ซุ้มแปดเทพ”. The owner had to leave his BMW that still had the red license plate. The red license plate in Thailand is a temporary license plate for when you purchase a new car, a red license plate usually stays valid for 3 months before you are issued a permanent white license plate.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


In this case, the owner had reason to leave his car in the repair center in Khon Kaen province. He later found out that his license plate had been stolen and was being used on another BMW. Pipak Nedsai the owner of the BMW reported that he was driving in Khon Kaen when he saw a BMW car with a red license plate exactly like his. This seemed impossible as the car was purchased and the license was issued in Bangkok. He also had proof in the car registration book.


Pipak had claimed his car in Khon Kaen’s repair center for almost 2 months. After he saw the same license plate on another car he decided to go see his car parked at the repair center. The center was closed but he found his car. Just as expected, the license plate was removed from the car, he later found out his car registration book was also nowhere to be found.


Pipak called his lawyer and the police for advice. Both parties advised Pipak that this was not an issue that could be let go. If the car using his license plate was stolen, illegally imported, used to murder someone, or involved in drugs, the car will be directly traced back to him as the owner. Pipak decided to report what was happening at the police station.


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The police told Pipak that this was a case of theft, as the license was under his name. On the morning of the 21st, Pipak went to the repair center and demanded his car to be moved to the repair center in Bangkok as he had no trust for the repair center in Khon Kaen judging from what was done to him. The center has not yet given him any confirmation on the situation.


Since his discovery, Pipat has not been able to talk to the repair center’s owner or director. A man had called him to apologize claiming that he was the center’s manager. The call told Pipat that a female sales associate had removed his license plate and gave it to another customer. The center had no knowledge of what the female sales associate had done until now. They have warned the sales associate and wish to apologize for the issue.


Pipat insists that if there is no definite answer from the repair center within 12.00 of today (21 May 2019) and if the repair center doesn’t confirm on his request, he will have to pursue matters legally on every person involved.


FB Caption:  Pipak was driving when he saw a BMW car with a red license plate exactly like his.


Source: Sanook