Local weekly news: Bourse, currency shaken as HM the King passes away

THE whole country weeps at the passing away for our revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej with the mood suddenly turning gloomy last Sunday when the royal palace announced that his condition was being closely watched, This was reflected in the country’s known sensitive stocks and currency with the overall atmosphere only getting dimmer.

This morning the SET index opened at 1,412.82 points up 6.64 points or 0.47% but trading has been extremely turbulent with Thai stocks shedding 2.5% on Thursday to close at 1,406 points, the fourth straight day of plunges, and taking the combined retreat since last Friday to over 7%. Meanwhile the baht had its steepest drop in three years. According to Bloomberg, prospects of an increase in US rate this year was already a factor for the tumbled values and viscosity of foreign fund flows.



Airport Rail Link trains undergo upgrades

AT least that is what the Transport Ministry says as it is spending 22 million baht to upgrade the Airport Rail Link trains and services.

airport-rail-linkDeputy Transport Minister Ormsin Chivapruk said that, of all the four Express Line trains, one has finished being upgraded and launched as a renovated train with a higher capacity of 72,000 passengers a day, comparing to 61,500 passengers before. He called the upgrade needed to cope with 10% increase in passengers from last year. The said trains would be able to accommodate wheelchairs better and have more seats.

The catch is once the four trains are all renovated, you can say goodbye to Express Line trains since the four will be converted to City Line which stop at all eight stations. This is done to serve majority of passengers who rarely use Express Line.


A newly renovated Airport Rail Link train. Photo: Bangkok Post’s Somchai Poomlard


Bangkok braces for more water


THE middle of this October seems a good reminder that sometimes it is not always sunshine that comes after rain, it is more water.

ratchada-floods-2016Bangkok Metropolitan Administration spokesman Bensai Keeyapaj said past Monday that the city should be prepared for more downpours, run-off water from the north or any place higher and high tide.

However, Chirapol Sintunawa from Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies of Mahidol University said that nothing like the disastrous major Bangkok 2011 flood would be repeated, only several areas are at risk from the La Niña’s extended rainy season that could bring in two or more storms.

Thai Residents are prepared as always, aren’t we?


Flooding in Ratchada on June 21, 2016. Photo: The Nation


Weeks for book worms

READERS rejoice as it is once again time to shop for various kinds of books, literatures, magazines, stationery and other literacy-related materials at the Book Expo Thailand 2016.

Not to be mistaken with the National Book Fair event which comes around March every year and held at the same Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), the Book Expo event which starts off on Thursday the 13th and ends on the 24th of October 2016 is the second largest and most popular book fair in Bangkok and the country.

The two events are known to be arranged to correspond with the two semesters’ brakes of the majority of schools in Thailand.


People flocking to this year’s Book Expo Thailand. Photo: Piboon Awasdaruharote


By Piboon Awasdaruharote



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