Lottery eclipsed by Euro 2016

FOOTBALL fever seems to be reaching its peak as can be seen by lottery sales having dropped with Thai fans busy cheering and betting on Euro 2016.

Government Lottery Office Director Maj.Gen. Chalongrat Nakartit told M2F newspaper yesterday that decreased demand had led to lotteries being left over but it was unlikely that this would affect the June 18, 2016 draw because vendors were still booking and buying these tickets.

This agency plans to ask the government to amend the Government Lottery Office Act 2517 in order to launch new sales channels such as lottery vending machines, online trading and distribution through convenience stores.

This office would also like to stop lottery sales near schools and only allow those over 20 years of age to buy these tickets from 18 at present.

It would also like to give the winners 60% share of the jackpot, the government 23% with the rest being to cover operational costs.

Daniel Sturridge is ecstatic after scoring a goal which led to England’s victory over Wales.Photo: GettyImages by Dan Mullan


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