Love triangle ends in death

TWO men and a woman caught in a love triangle all died after the lover shot dead the woman and her husband then himself last night, reported this morning (July 16, 2018).

Mrs Somporn had gone to a karaoke shop in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district, where she used to work, for some business but ran into Mr Chayut, her lover, who had come in to clear some problems with her. As no agreement was reached, he started beating her up.

Somporn’s friend saw this and called her husband, Mr Sornsak, to come and help his wife. However when he showed up, Chayut used a 9 mm pistol to first kill Somporn, then Sornsak and finally himself.

District and forensic police as well as doctors checked the 3 dead bodies which were sent to Siriraj Hospital, with their relatives being contacted to come and take them for funeral service.


Top: Three dead bodies at a karaoke shop. Photo: