Man attacked in restaurant because suspect needed a smoke.

A man was attacked inside a restaurant by another customer. The suspect claimed he needed a smoke and was stressed. The incident took place inside a noodle restaurant on 25 November 2022. Relatives of the suspect informed police that he has mental issues and is receiving medical care. The victim was eating normally when the suspect suddenly jumped up from his seat and kicked the chair that the victim was sitting on. The victim flew off the chair and was confused because they never saw or talked to each other before. 



The incident took place in the main city of Chonburi Province. The Samet police went to visit the restaurant owner. They had information about the suspect and asked the owner whether she recognized the man. The owner confirmed and stated she remembers exactly what he looked like. The suspect is Jurin, 27 years old from Nonthaburi Province. The owner stated she is confident this is the person who attacked her other customer, and she will never forget his face. Jurin, the suspect came to the Samet Police Station with his mother and sister to surrender himself to the police. The police talked to Jurin and the family from 16.30 to 18.00. 



Khaosod News Team talked to the family after they came outside. Relatives had the media look at documents showing that Jurin is receiving medical care for his mental health. They were also waiting for the victim and his family to come to the police station. This is to help find a solution if the victim is willing to negotiate. Jurin on the other hand when asked about the incident claimed he was stressed because he didn’t smoke before the incident took place. The suspect claimed he was well and is mentally healthy. This is when his relatives quickly dragged him away from the police station. Police will set a date for both parties to meet at the station. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect’s relatives are trying to claim he has mental health issues but the suspect himself states otherwise. 

Source: Khaosod