Thousands line up to buy miracle water.

Thousands of people are lining up to buy miracle water with beliefs of the power to heal. The water became famous after a man from Trang Province claimed he could walk after drinking 5 bottles of the water. The location was closed down for a while but has reopened and thousands are already waiting. The Krabi Provincial Public Health has taken a sample of the water and results should come out soon. The Sanook News Team reported on 26 November 2022 on the story. The man behind the miracle water is Rin Rakwong, 44 years old from Krabi Province. The water is sold at his home that had been closed from the public for 15 days. 



He had to temporarily close down because so many people were at his home that they ended up blocking the road. Locals in the area could not travel inside the village. They set up a new area to sell the water. Rin’s family and believers set up 15 tents to help provide shade to those who were waiting. There is a waiting area of 200 meters, but it is now full of people. The family is using a queue system with number cards. Each person is allowed to purchase 3 bottles of the miracle water priced at 20 THB each. Because there are so many people, vendors have set up small shops along the road and nearby. Currently there are almost 100 sellers and there are parking spots available for 40 THB per car. 



A man from Trang Province stated he could walk again after drinking 5 bottles of the water. He then gave his daughter some of the water. The daughter had an 18-centimeter uterine fibroid, but it magically disappeared after the miracle water. The girl came to wait in line at night and finally purchased some water at lunch time. Another woman from Phang Nga stated she wants water for her granny who is dealing with knee pain. Hopefully the test results of what is inside the water will come out soon so we can know if this is truly a miracle.


Credit: Sanook



FB Caption: A man from Trang Province stated he could walk again after drinking 5 bottles of the water.


Source: Sanook