Man held bus driver hostage, mom saves the day.

Man held the bus driver hostage and finally gave up after his mother came to the scene. The Khaosod News Team reported on 22 August 2021 of a suspect that held the bus driver hostage. The incident took place at Happy Land, Bang Kapi, Bangkok City. The bus driver was held hostage on Bus no.8 parked on the road. An officer was sent in to negotiate with the suspect and the bus driver is now safe. The victim is injured and stated it was from the suspect hitting him at the back of his neck with a gun. 



The bus driver revealed the suspect was just a normal passenger at first. He paid for a ticket and went to sit in the back row. After they arrived at Happy Land all other passengers had left but the suspect continued to sit in the bus. The bus driver told the passenger that it was at the end of the line. The suspect then pulled out a gun and told the driver to drive back to Victory Monument. The suspect started telling the driver that he hated the police because the officials did not understand the people. He then used the gun and smacked the driver at the back of his neck. The bus driver waited for a moment when the suspect was not looking and jumped out of the bus. 



The suspect is a 24-year-old man residing with his mother at the Din Daeng Flats. The man has been stressed due to his mother getting sick and he has been unemployed for over 4 months. At midnight police arrived at the scene with a plan to arrest the suspect. The suspect’s mother arrived to negotiate with his son who was still on the bus. The mother tried to calm down her son and after a while it worked. At 1.56 am officials went in to arrest the man and no one was harmed. The villagers watching the incident were all relieved. The suspect is now at the Lad Phrao Police Station waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect was just a normal passenger with a lot of anger inside. 


Source: Khaosod