Man sleeping while flood takes place, ends up electrocuted.

A man was sleeping while a flood took place in his home and he ends up being electrocuted. The 68-year-old uncle was sleeping under his home when the sea level started rising. The water covered a fan that was plugged in, he woke up and saw the water so he quickly stepped down into the water. He was electrocuted and is still feeling the effects of the injury. The local rescue team in Samut Songkhram Province received a notification about the uncle. The team went to his home located in the main city of Samut Songkhram on 15 July 2022. 



The team met with Somsak who was electrocuted. The home is a raised single-story home but he has a bed and a fan placed underneath to rest. As the sea water level started rising, water reached the home and covered the fan. He woke up and saw the flood so he tried to walk but as soon as he stepped into the water he was electrocuted. Neighbors helped the man laying on the bed with both legs in the water. They helped perform CPR and notified the local rescue team to take the man to the hospital. Mongkol 40 years old a neighbor stated Somsak was sleeping at home alone as family members went to a funeral. The family returned home but also saw Somsak unconscious with both legs in the water. 



They noticed that there was a fan nearby and it was plugged in. A family member helped cut out the electricity and then called Somsak to come help. The rescue team performed first aid care and Somsak finally gained consciousness. The man is now at the Somdetphraphutthaloetla Hospital. Somsak started sleeping when there was no water, as he was asleep the flood started and the water quickly rose. Luckily his family returned home in time and neighbors came to help. The emergency team did a great job and rescued the man. Hopefully, Somsak will have a good recovery but he will probably never sleep underneath his home alone again.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Luckily his family returned home in time and neighbors came to help.


Source: Khaosod