Man stressed after dumped by wife and kid, walks into police station with gun.

A man was stressed after he was dumped by his wife and child. He decided to walk into a police station holding a gun and informed police that he will go to a different station if they don’t arrest him. Police Colonel Siriwat Somkitsiri from the Buriram City Police Station along with related offcials interrogate James 24 years old on 30 June 2023. James had previously walked into the police station with a handmade gun on the 29th. He swung the gun around and yelled at offcials inside the station to arrest him. Police noticed right away that the way he was acting might be due to stress or an act of attention.



An officer who was working at the moment approached the man and comforted him. After about 10 minutes James placed his gun on a table and gave himself up to the police. The gun was seized as evidence in the case and inside was 1 bullet. James admitted that he was very stressed after his wife and child had dumped him and moved to a different province. It has been years since they left, but he becomes very stressed anytime they show up in his mind. He decided to walk into the police station holding a gun because he was tired of life. James never wanted to harm anyone. He apologized to officials in the station for causing a scene and scaring them. 



Police Sub-Lieutenant Sarawut Juntip who was in the incident stated that he was working as usual when he saw James with the gun. The officer wasn’t sure of James’s intentions so he walked to a different room in the station to notify other officers. James is facing charges of owning a gun and bullets without permission. History shows that 2-3 months ago James had caused a scene at a different police station in the province. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: It has been years but James becomes very sad whenever he misses his wife and child. 

Source: Khaosod