King Cobra caught inside restaurant near a monk.

A king cobra entered inside a restaurant and customers were all terrified. There was a monk sitting inside the restaurant, but he chose to remain seated and was calm. This was the reason why the snake did not attack him. A snake expert in Thailand known as Nick revealed online after netizens believed it was unseen powers that helped protect the monk. The story was posted online in TikTok by user named “00saueng00”. The security footage showed the King Cobra entering inside the restaurant. 



The monk was sitting inside and noticed the snake that slithered very close to where he was sitting. Other customers walking to the restaurant saw the monk. The monk showed his hands and pointed to the snake. The 2 customers screamed and ran away. The snake came even closer to the monk who lifted his leg off the floor but remained calm. The snake slithered past him to the back of the restaurant.  Nirut Chomknam known as Nick the owner of Facebook page “Nick Wildlife” posted online explaining why the monk was not harmed on 27 November 2022. 



The post stated “Many are asking why the snake did not attempt to bite the monk. This is mainly because he knew what to do. When the snake came closer the monk lifted his legs and remained seated calmly. The snake was scared and continued to move because it was afraid of humans. It didn’t want to hurt anyone and would only do so for self-protection. Moving fast would threaten the snake and trigger natural survival instincts. After the king cobra was caught, we made sure he was healthy. He has been released back into nature unharmed”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  When the snake came closer the monk lifted his legs and remained seated calmly.


Source: Khaosod