Man survives after struck by lighting, woke up from mother’s call.

A man was struck by lighting and woke up from his mother’s call. His mother had passed away and believes her spirit came to save him. The man and 5 chickens were struck by the same lightning but he was the only one to survive. Sanook News Team went to visit Anon Kongsuwan 29 years old on 8 July 2022. The team visited him while he was still in the Pen Hospital, Udon Thani Province. Anon stated it is a miracle he survived. The incident took place at 16.00 on 6 July 2022. He was walking the buffalos in a field when it started raining. Thunder started so he tried to find shelter in a small shack. 



Anon was also afraid of lightning and he turned off his phone. Suddenly he heard thunder and lightning struck him. He lost consciousness for what felt to be about 1 hour. Then he heard his mother’s voice calling him “Wake up wake up, hey son wake up”. He also felt shaking so Anon tried to open his eyes. At the time he could not breathe and had chest pain. After he managed to get up he turned on the phone and called his father. His mother named Jamrat had died 3 years ago but he believes she saved him by waking him up. His father and relatives rushed and delivered him to the hospital. His body still hurts and there are bruises all over, he is suffering from terrible headaches and requires medication through IV to fall asleep. 



Anon revealed he believed he has both good and bad luck. His bad luck was being struck by lighting but his good luck is his mother’s help. He also believes an amulet from a famous monk helped him survive. This is his first time being struck by lighting. There were 5 chickens under the shack at the time and they are all dead from the lightning. The man feels as if he has been reborn. Anon also has tattoos he received at 17 years old from a famous spiritual person in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: His bad luck was being struck by lighting but his good luck is his mother’s help, even though she is no longer here. 


Source: Sanook