Melo Pearl owner arrested on drug charges.


The man who found a Melo pearl worth millions on the beach has now been arrested on drug charges. Haschai 37-year-old became famous after his story went viral online. He has received an offer of 5 Million THB from a businessman to purchase his pearl but the family has denied the offer. A Chinese businessman has promised to visit the family and make an offer of at least 10 Million THB if the Melo pearl is real. Turns out he might not be as lucky as we thought, Haschai’s home was searched. Police inspected the home and arrested Haschai with an arrest warrant issued by the Pak Phanang Provincial Court.



The suspect is involved in a case related to drug charges. While police searched the home they found equipment for using crystal meth. Police Colonel Chokdee Srimuang from Hua Sai Police Station stated that officials have been watching Haschai after receiving information tying him to a drug case. In the past officials discovered 16,000 Yaba pills in the suspect’s home area with no owner. Officials had a good idea as to who the pills belonged to. Forensic Science helped show who came into contact with the discovered drugs. An arrest warrant was issued and police have been searching for the suspect. The Melo pearl news went viral showing that Haschai has returned to his home by the beach. A search warrant was issued leading to the arrest.



Haschai denies all charges claiming that he does not know the drugs. An investigation has revealed other persons connected to the case. He is also facing charges related to using and owning crystal meth that was found in his home. Still, the suspect claims he has no knowledge of crystal meth and has never used the drug. Haschai was arrested on the spot and delivered to the police station waiting for prosecution on 7 February 2020. Haschai was a very lucky man when he found the Melo pearl believed to be worth at least 10 Million THB. Then his past got hold of the man who is now facing jail time for his actions.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The soon to be millionaire is facing jail time for Yaba and crystal meth.


Source: Sanook