Shooting and bombing after protest ended.

There was a shooting and bombing after the protest on 25 November 2020 ended. There were still many democracy activists in the area when there were loud bangs followed by a bomb at 22.00. Protest guards managed to hold on to one suspicious man with an injury on his head. Witnesses stated the man threw an object at protestors before it exploded. There is also an injured protester shot in his stomach, a protestor acting as the safety guard. Around the explosion area are scattered blue water pipe pieces. Officials from the Paholyothin Police Station arrived at around 23.00.


Credit: Khaosod

Sombat Thongyoi, one of the protest guards, stated there was a loud bang and shooting sounds. Other guards in the area helped the injured guard who was attacked and held onto the suspected shooter. There are blue PVC pipes on the ground but it is not clear what’s inside. The guard was shot 2 times in the stomach. Guards were able to find the gun used that is now with the police. Wanchai Ari 25-year-old the guard that was attacked is now at the Praram 9 Hospital and the suspected shooter is at the Saint Louis Hospital.


Credit: Khaosod

The suspected bomber was captured in a live video by The Standard News Team. Not long before the bombing the man walked close to the camera and looked into it before walking away. The news team was interviewing protestors and a commotion started up nearby. The camera turned towards where the sound was coming from capturing the suspected bomber throwing an object to where protestors were standing. There was a loud bang as protestors started running away from the suspicious object. The man was wearing a white helmet, a long-sleeved shirt, and white pants. He started running away from the area after the bomb was thrown. The man is currently at the hospital.




FB Caption: The suspected bomber was captured in a live video. He looked into the camera before throwing an object into a group of protestors.

Source: Khaosod