Millionaire’s son shot at by pickup truck racer

THE SON of a millionaire in nearby Chonburi province was severely injured last night as he was driving on the motorway with a racer in pickup truck suddenly chasing him and then firing thee bullets at him, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 6).

At around midnight Pol. Capt. Paithoon Kriengkraidej, deputy inspector at Muang Chonburi police station, rushed to the scene of the  shooting where he found Sikharin Tangthevaprasert, 34, resident of Chonburi and son of the owner of Tassana Garden, severely injured with a bullet lodged in his lower belly but still conscious and he was rushed to the hospital.

Millionaire's son shot by racer

However the woman who was with the victim told police that they were driving to Bangkok in a black Nissan sports car and when they reached this stretch of the motorway a white pickup of unknown make and registration number suddenly caught up and started chasing them really fast.

The victim zoomed ahead as fast as he could but was then fired upon three times by the driver of the white pickup truck who then escaped towards Bangkok.

Police said they are checking CCTV footage to identify the pickup truck.


Top: Mr Sikharin in a lot of pain behind the wheel of his sports car. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Mr Sikharin’s sports car parked at the side of the motorway. Photo: Thai News Agency



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