68-year-old taxi driver beaten up by mafia in Bangkok BTS station.

A 68-year-old taxi driver was beaten up by a group of mafia claiming only their taxi’s could park at the station. The incident took place at Kookot BTS station and the driver was left unconscious. The uncle was working as usual but he was beaten up for no reason and was dragged out of his taxi in public. A Facebook page named Saimai Tong Rod in Thai posted the story on 29 July 2022. Kitti 68 years old the driver parked by the road near the station to wait for passengers, this is normal for a taxi but he was punished for doing so. 



Kitti stated at 21.50 on the 22nd, it was raining and he was driving through Lamlukka, Pathumthani Province. He was heading home for the day but noticed many passengers waiting for taxis near the road. It was also raining so he knew some would have to wait a really long time. There was only one taxi parked by the station and he decided to stop his car. As soon as he parked 2-3 men knocked on his window. He lowered the window and one of the men stated in a very angry tone “I give you this one chance only, don’t let me see your face again”. Kitti asked back “Why, I am just picking up a passenger”. The man immediately threw a punch and the others pulled him out of the car and started beating him up. 



Kitti was beaten so bad that he lost consciousness on the road. After he woke up, Kitti dragged himself back into the car and drove to the police station. He filed a report and went to the hospital. It has been one week since the incident but still no update on the case. The driver fears that if the men are not caught then they will come hunting for him since the story went public. He decided to contact the Facebook page for help against the men and mainly for his own safety. There was also a taxi that parked after Kitti, but the driver quickly left after noticing the mafia. Kitti had to get stitches on his head and when he arrived home, he quickly threw his shirt full of blood away in hopes that his children didn’t notice. The mafia will charge taxi drivers 400 THB per month to park at the spot. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Kitti was beaten so bad that he lost consciousness on the road. 


Source: Khaosod