Naked man on the road, steals motorbike from woman

A naked man was standing in the middle of the road blocking a woman and her motorbike, she was frightened and ran away, the man jumped on the motorbike. This incident took place in Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province on 10 May 2020. A Facebook User managed to capture the incident on video and posted it on a Facebook page named “People of Khon Ta La” in Thai on the 12th. The 49-second long video showed a naked man sitting at an intersection. The naked man then stood up before walking up to block a woman driving her motorbike.


The woman reacted as many would have after seeing a naked man who suddenly appeared in front of her, she got off the bike and started to run away. The naked man took this as an opportunity and quickly jumped on the motorbike. Other drivers on the road all witnessed the terrifying event. A member of the local rescue team was nearby and ran in to help the woman. He tried to stop the naked man, but the man kicked the good civilian and quickly drove away heading against the flow of traffic. Even after the hard kick, the rescue team member got back up and tried running after the naked ma, but it was a motorbike vs. human legs situation.


The local rescue team was notified before the incident took place that a naked man was wandering on the road. They headed to the area and found the naked man sleeping by the road. The team woke the naked man and were planning to deliver him to the Tha Sala Hospital. The plan changed when the man opened his eyes and jumped off of the rescue team’s car. He ran and sat in the middle of an intersection before walking towards the woman driving her motorbike. Thankfully, Police found the man at the Kim Song Market in Si Chon District and delivered him to Tha Sala Hospital.


Credit: Khaosod

FB Caption: The naked man blocked the woman driving her motorbike, she was frightened and ran away.


Source: Khaosod