New cool spell hitting North, Bangkok

COOLER weather is forecast to hit both upper Thailand and Bangkok from today (Jan. 6) onwards as another high pressure currently hovering over Vietnam and Laos moves into the Northeast.

A sharp fall of 6-8° Celsius in the temperature starts today in the Northeast and extends to the North, the Central and the East tomorrow where the mercury will slide by 4-6° Celsius. This new cool spell will start with rain and as the mercury plunges, there will also be strong wind.

The temperature in Bangkok will drop by 3-5° Celsius during Jan. 10-14 with this accompanied by strong wind. Minimum temperature will be 17-21° Celsius while maximum temperature 27-30° Celsius. Northeasterly wind will be at 15-35 km/hr.

The northeasterly monsoon across the Gulf of Thailand will strengthen during Jan. 10-15, bringing isolated downpour in the lower South and rough sea with 2-3 meters high waves both in the Gulf and the Andaman Sea.

Residents along the Gulf coast should watch out for inshore surge. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats in the Gulf keep ashore.


Top: Fog-clad Doi Mon Cham mountain in Chiang Mai province. Photo: Jason Thompson (CC-BY-2.0)